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        Let's Work Together

        Whether you build spaces, design offices, or develop technology, partner with inspace to help make hybrid workspaces work better.

        Who do we work with?

        We work with some of today's leaders in making hybrid workspaces work better for employees, employers, and building owners. They are the architects, designers, space planners, and productivity experts of innovative workspaces.

        Here are just a few of our partners.

        • Commercial Real Estate Consultants
        • Architects & Space Planners
        • Workplace Experts
        • HR Solution Providers
        • Office Furniture Manufacturers & Distributors
        • Office Hardware & Software Providers

        A safe and inspiring place to create community, nurture collaboration, and ignite innovation.
        A team of commercial design professionals with a flair for integrating design with technology.
        PEO HR firm providing full-service HR solutions to SMBs tailored by industry.

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